Cyber-Warfare & China

“An official, shadowy Chinese hacker group…” – Isn’t that a bit dramatic? If it’s true and not propaganda then there’s nothing “shadowy” about this group of hackers. In China, you need to be state-sanctioned or you can’t operate, plain and simple.

Cyber-warfare has finally started to be visible in any case. It was only a matter of time.


An official, shadowy Chinese hacker group is reportedly responsible for more than 100 high-level attacks against major corporations and governments. The group, known as Advanced Persistent Threat” (APT1) was outed today in a 60-page report by security firm Mandiant, which has been tracking the army unit for six years.

The company also released a technical, step-by-step video (below) of how one of the hackers steals information. “The sheer scale and duration of sustained attacks against such a wide set of industries from a singularly identified group based in China leaves little doubt about the organization behind APT1,” concludes the report.

Even if most readers aren’t familiar with the highly technical language of the video, it’s fascinating to watch this alleged hacker sign up for a Gmail account and begin hunting for vulnerable targets. At the 1:00 mark, Mandiant shows the hacker exploiting a common technique known as “spear phishing”:…

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