Google’s New Smart Contact Lens Is Old News For Microsoft

Google Glass is so yesterday’s news…


Google today announced its smart contact lens project, but it’s not the first by a long shot (or even a moon shot). Other companies have long been working on smart lenses — including Microsoft Research, which unveiled a similar project in 2011 in collaboration with someone who now works for Google X.

Babak Parviz used to be a professor at the University of Washington, where he collaborated with Microsoft Research. He was of the first to work on smart contact lenses. Today, he is at Google and working on Google Glass and the smart lens project.

But as is often the case with Microsoft Research projects, it doesn’t look like the project ever went anywhere.

Here is the video Microsoft made back in 2011 to showcase this project:

It’s also worth noting that there are already some smart contact lenses on the market today. They don’t measure glucose, but…

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